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Refinancing Your Melbourne Home Loan / Mortgage



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Have you conducted a health check on your Melbourne Home Loan / Mortgage in the last 2 years?

A healthy Melbourne Home Loan / Mortgage remains competitive and meets your changing needs. Banking trends change, products disappear and innovation occurs. Now might be the time to conduct a simple review of your Melbourne Mortgage or Home Loan. If your mortgage is no longer competitive, or no longer meets your needs, you should consider Refinancing your Melbourne Home Loan.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself when considering refinancing:

  • Is my interest rate too high compared to other lenders?
  • Am I paying $ hundreds every year in fees for loan features I don’t really use?
  • Why won’t my loan go down like I planned?
  • My work/life circumstances have changed why has my lender become inflexible?
  • All my borrowings are with one lender why can’t I breath!

You don’t have to move all your banking to get a great Melbourne Home Loan / Mortgage deal through refinancing.

So why transfer your pay, ATM, credit cards direct debits and credits to satisfy a new bank?

Call Langdon Finance to help determine your borrowing or refinancing strategy. Often a simple plan is the best plan. The right phone call to your lender could save you a fortune in interest and fees.  And if they can’t help, Langdon Finance can help you get a better deal through Refinancing your Melbourne Home Loan / Mortgage.



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