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Are you a first home buyer?

Let Langdon Financing Solutions guide you through the steps involved in buying or even building your first home. We'll provide you with expert First Home Buyer Mortgage Advice but you'll have to do some homework first. You need to know how much you can borrow to buy your home and how much you need to save to complete the purchase. Did you know there may be purchase stamp duty concessions available to you as well as the first home buyer's grant?

What should you consider when travelling along the path to home ownership as a First Home Buyer?

These are some Mortgage Advice issues that Langdon Financing Solutions can assist you with:

  • Finding out how much deposit and savings you need to qualify for a first home loan. We can help you plan for all the costs involved in a home purchase and when they should be paid. We can help you set up a budget to meet the minimum savings requirements the banks want. We can give you options to minimise the major finance costs which are mortgage insurance and bank interest.
  • Determining what the best home loan is for you. A budget home loan or a professional package with extra benefits such as low cost credit cards, insurance and financial planning. The best thing is that you tell us what you want and we won’t tell you what you need. Langdon Financing Solutions can help you forecast how long it will take to reduce and pay off your home loan and suggest ways to cut your interest costs. Did you know that a first home buyer pays interest equal to the original loan amount over a 30 year loan term? That’s over $300,000 in bank interest paid for a $300,000 home loan! There are simple ways to cut this huge cost, and we can show you how.    
  • Obtaining home loan pre approval before you go shopping. For no cost we can get your loan pre approved with a bank. This gives you certainty and confidence to buy a property. You have the ground rules, your credit checks are done and there are no finance surprises.  
  • What is involved in getting home construction finance and the process of paying the builder during construction? Langdon Finance can assist create the building cash flow during this sometimes stressful period. You need to know when the builder is to be paid, at what point the first home owners grant is paid and what loan payments you need to make during home construction.  
  • Are you eligible for the first home owners grant and any stamp duty concession? We will assist with the paperwork to get your first home owners grant.

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